25+ experts show you the latest research, tools and techniques to upgrade your brain.
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20+ Experts teach you how to increase mental energy, control your emotions, stop overthinking, enter into peak states of focus & learning and reclaim your brain from trauma, stress and fear.for free.



Brain Summit broadcasts free and online. 

Join our panel of global experts as they show you how to improve your emotional regulation, increase focus & memory, revitalize your energy, optimize brain health, deepen connections and so much more. 

As your free gift for registering, you will receive acclaimed brain trainer Jim Kwik’s exclusive Memory & Learning Masterclass.

If you’ve ever signed up for an online summit and immediately felt overwhelmed and unable to process all the information, then Jim’s masterclass has you covered.

Recorded exclusively for Brain Summit, Jim shares the exact techniques he uses to train A-List celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs and entrepreneurs.


(You’ll even be able to download it and keep it for review.)

Jim Kwik at Brain Summit
Dave Asprey at Brain Summit

Special Session

Join Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Upgrade Labs and known throughout the world as the “Father of Biohacking” for a special session with Brain Summit founder, Erin Matlock.

Dave will be sharing his experience using Neurofeedback and Cap QEEG Training to access peak states of performance as well as to increase focus, memory and brain processing speed.


Touch or hover over each speaker for more details.


Nicole Beurkens

Holistic Child Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Beurkens, offers simple, empowering and highly effective solutions to your child's most challenging behaviors.

How To Help Children With Anxiety, Depression and Self Worth Challenges

Nicole Beurkens PhD
Alex Doman

Alex Doman, founder of Vital Neuro, shares his latest neurotech headset that allows you to use music and mobile neurofeedback to train your emotional regulation at home.

Wearable Technology For Emotional Control On The Go

Alex Doman

Neuroscientist, Dr. Sarah McKay, explains the brain by replacing outdated myths with applied science that will help you maximize your brain's potential.

How To Build Mental Strength By Transforming The Way You Shape Your Emotions

Sarah McKay PhD

Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Maya Shetreat, shows you how the use of altered states of consciousness can improve brain health and emotional well being.

Microdosing Psychedelics For Depression, Trauma, Focus and Dementia

Maya Shetreat MD
Serena Poon

Celebrity Nutritional Energy Practitioner Serena Poon Brings You Accessible Tips To Boost Your Mood, Protect Your Calm and Reset Your Body's Health

How To Awaken Untapped Energy And Regain Your Creative Passion

Serena Poon

Neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf, teaches her 5 step Neurocycle® to heal trauma in the brain.

How To Process And Heal Trauma In The Brain

Caroline Leaf PhD
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Artist, Dr. Adrienne Walker Hoard, takes you deep into your quest for fulfillment and purpose in life.

The Art Of Designing A New Phase Of Your Life

Adrienne Walker Hoard MFA, EdD
Christina Veselak

How to use specific amino acids to balance your moods, control cravings and ease anxiety and depression.

Amino Acid Therapy For Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia And Addiction

Christina Veselak MS, LMFT, CN

Dr. Greg Eckel shows you how your environment, genetics and diet are tied to your brain's ability to repair itself.

The ``FAN-C`` Cutting Edge Approach To Brain Regeneration

Greg Eckel ND, L.Ac.
Yannick Roy

Co-Founder of NeurotechX, Yannick Roy, teams up with Adam Sefler to discuss the business of neurotechnology start ups.

The Science And Strategy Of Growing A Neurotechnology Startup (Panel)

Yannick Roy PhD(c)
Mandy Doman

Advanced Brain Technologies COO Mandy Doman explains how scientifically designed music listening therapy reshapes your brain's ability to process sounds, handle complex tasks and absorb stress.

How To Use Music To Strengthen Neural Pathways And Optimize Your Brain Function

Mandy Doman

Founder and Parenting Advocate, Tara Hunkin, shows you the latest technology and nutritional hacks to optimize the health, learning and emotional stability of today's family.

How To Use Biohacks To Help Your Whole Family Sleep Better, Eat Better and Think Better

Tara Hunkin NTP, CGP, RWP

Advisor and Investor Michael Fishman shares key strategy for health and wellness brands looking to stand out, scale and exit profitably.

Choosing The Right Message To Position And Grow Your Wellness Brand

Michael Fishman

Renown grief expert, Christina Rasmussen, shares brand new insights into processing loss and leading your way through to a different life.

How To Re-Enter Life After Loss So That You Find Your Way Back To Joy

Christina Rasmussen

Psychiatrist, Dr. Hyla Cass, presents the science behind why CBD works to alleviate increased cortisol, neurotransmitter imbalance, and inflammatory signaling.

How To Use CBD Oil To Balance Neurotransmitters for Better Mind, Mood & Memory

Hyla Cass MD
Rachael Dardano

How to let go of stuck emotions that numb our mood and energy, aggravate our health and prevent us from correctly identifying our body's true needs.

How To Clear Your Body Of Harmful Toxins, Emotions and Habits So That You Can Regain Clarity, Vitality and Joy In Your LIfe

Rachael Dardano

Med-Tech Evangelist Robin Farmanfarmaian teaches providers, authors and speakers how to scale their platform and land the biggest stages in their markets.

How To Become A Key Thought Leader In A Crowded Field

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Curator of TEDxStPeterPort Marc Winn helps organizations, small and large, to efficiently navigate the distraction and exhaustion of their employees to re-engage, unite and energize a workforce.

How To Weave A Community Back Together For A More Consciously Productive Society

Marc Winn

Naturopathic physician Carol Lourie teaches you how to regain an empowered intuitive relationship with yourself to get to the true cause of illness, fatigue and pain.

How To Create An Intuitive Relationship With Yourself So That You Can Recover Your Health

Carol Lourie L.Ac.

Public relations expert Amy Stanton shares her wisdom for any brand looking to scale and dominate in health and wellness markets.

How To Build An Iconic Brand In Health And Wellness

Amy Stanton
Adam Sefler NTX

Co-Founder of NeurotechX Services, Adam Sefler, teams up with Yannick Roy to discuss the business of neurotechnology start ups.

The Science And Strategy Of Growing A Neurotechnology Startup (Panel)

Adam Sefler CPA, CA, CFA, CAIA, PRM

Founder of The Balanced Brain John Mekrut gives a very special session for providers and coaches who are burned out, disillusioned and struggling to align their business with our current world situation.

How To Re-Ignite Passion For Your Clients And Patients In An Exhausted And Divisive World

John Mekrut


(Available On Demand)

Join Julie Shafer PhD and Melissa Wolak MS for two very special bonus workshops that will be available for you to view all week long during the conference. This world is a challenging place, and your ability to handle stress, trauma and control your emotions has never been more important.


Erin Matlock is a growth strategist and business development advisor with a focus on building deeply authentic connections between brands and decision makers.


With over 15 years of marketing, digital strategy, leadership and operations experience in the mental health, behavioral healthcare, brain health and neurotechnology markets, Erin leverages her network of highly influential clients and peers to position brands as the trusted choice in competitive markets. Highly protective of her audience’s trust, as well as that of her peers, she seeks ethical and innovative organizations to join in long term partnerships.


Erin is also a global coach whose brain-centered approach attracts CEOs, media personalities, NY Times bestselling authors, elite athletes and highly visible entrepreneurs as she guides them through intense transition and rapid growth in their professional and personal lives.


She is author of Worth It, a book of her viral poetry and essays, a life member of Mensa® and a conceptual artist working within the intersection of paint and language.


Erin’s paintings hang in private and public healthcare collections in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and France.


Named one of the Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow, she is a popular international and TEDx speaker who boldly challenges the stigma of suicide through deeply personal accounts of survival and public recovery.


20+ Experts teach you how to increase mental energy, control your emotions, stop overthinking, enter into peak states of focus & learning and reclaim your brain from trauma, stress and fear.for free.





Master your mind to build resilience, inner strength and the happiness needed for a deeply satisfying life.


Discover how playing an instrument, as well as the emerging field of sound brain fitness, can make lasting changes in your brain.


Separate real science from hype as we explore which foods can boost focus, mood and give you added protection against Alzheimer’s.


Research now shows the direct link from the gut to the brain. Can depression, anxiety and autism be treated in the gut?


Amplify your ability to strengthen your responses to stress, trauma and crisis.


Take control of modifiable risk factors that can reduce your chances of developing the disease.


Get the latest on personal wearable devices that can improve your mood, to clinical neurofeedback that can help with PTSD, depression and Autism.


Discover how to use this scientifically proven technique to ease depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, as well as boost peak performance.


Learn step by step techniques to prime your brain to store information in the correct state for optimal retrieval.