Brain Summit | Special One Week Sale
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Special One Week Sale


For one week only, the entire Brain Summit training series is on sale at  special pricing. That’s 50% off the regular retail rate.

If  you’d like to own the videos, audios and transcripts to go through at your own pace, then the Sale Package is for you.

Brain Summit is a chance to step ahead of the game and learn the latest research, tools and techniques to not only upgrade your own brain, but also to share this information with your clients, patients or friends.

Own The Entire Brain Summit Training Event For The Limited Time Sale Price.

Grab The Sale Price

What You’ll Receive When You Own These Trainings For Life

  • Digital Video Downloads of the Expert Training Sessions

  • Digital Audio Downloads of the Expert Training Sessions

  • Digital (PDF) Downloads of Complete Transcripts for the Expert Training Session


(Roll over speakers to learn more.)

Jim Kwik

Join resident memory expert and brain trainer to Hollywood A-Listers, Jim Kwik, as he shares the latest tips and techniques to power up your brain.

Super Charge Your Memory

Jim Kwik

Learn how scientifically designed music can reorganize your brain leading to better focus, emotional strength and communication.

Using Music To Rewire Your Brain

Alex Doman
Trudy Scott

How to use specific amino acids and foods to balance your moods, control cravings and ease anxiety and depression.

The Anti Anxiety Food Solution

Trudy Scott
Rick Hanson

Learn how to use brain science to achieve contentment, calm and confidence. You’ll quickly use good moments to build a great brain full of happiness, ease, comfort and self worth.

Hardwiring Happiness in the Brain

Rick Hanson PhD

Sarah McKay

Oxford educated neuroscientist, Dr. Sarah McKay brings you the latest research you can use to make lasting change in your brain.

Attention, Focus and Habit Change

Sarah McKay PhD
Max Lugavere

#BREADHEAD filmaker Max Lugavere talks blood sugar, grains, intermittent fasting, exercise and biohacking.

Hacking Diet For A Better Brain

Max Lugavere
Kurt Othmer

Learn how to use non-invasive neurofeedback to train your brain to function more efficiently.

The Power of Neurofeedback

Kurt Othmer

Discover the Key Nutrients That Fuel Brainpower, Boost Weight Loss and Transform Your Health

Key Nutrients That Fuel Brainpower

Drew Ramsey MD

Jim Hardt

Achieve new levels of performance, creativity and emotional renewal by using neurofeedback to control your own brain activity.

Peak Performance Through Alpha Wave Training

Jim Hardt PhD

Take an intimate look at the downward spiral and one man's unique way out.

A Musician's Journey Through Mental Illness

Mike Meinke

Integrative and natural psychiatrist Dr. Hyla Cass shows you how to optimize your mind, mood and energy by using a drug free, natural approach.

Naturally Optimize Your Mind, Mood And Energy

Hyla Cass MD
David Haase

How to sort through information overload to find the wellness blueprint that is uniquely destined for you.

Tapping Into The Power Of The Mind Body Connection

David Haase MD

Amy Morin

Straight from the therapist's couch, learn how to create habits that lead to deep and automatic emotional strength.

The Keys To Becoming Mentally Strong

Amy Morin LCSW

How do we forgive those who've hurt us so we can free ourselves to live life to the fullest?

The Life Changing Power Of Forgiveness

Duilio Menghini

Discover how neurotechnology can give us insight into our truest sense of self.

Transforming Ourselves With Technology

John Mekrut
debbie hampton

Learn how to take a devastating loss and turn it into a life of strength and purpose.

Creating Surprising Purpose From Brain Injury

Debbie Hampton
Julia Roy

Learn how to leverage your brain's natural inclination for performance and productivity at work.

The Smarter Path To Higher Productivity

Julia Roy


We have three panel discussions where the public directly asked the experts for advice. All three panels will air for free during our broadcast week, and if you purchase the Special Sale Recording Package you will own the video and audio recordings of these panels, as well as the transcripts, for life.



Drema Dial PhD


Julie Nelligan PhD


Stuart Silberman PhD



Adam Goyer


John Mekrut


Cynde Margritz



Sheila Allen MA, OT


Mariam Herrmann MA, BCET


Pat Mattas RN, CP - BC

Brand New Bonus: Receive The Full Mindfulness Workshop Recordings For Free

(Normal Retail Price: $99.00)

Drawing from mindfulness practices, neuroscience and mental performance tools, this 4 part workshop was created for individuals seeking greater resilience, happiness, focused attention, control and performance.

You will receive 4 class videos, 4 class audios and 4 transcripts in digital download format. You will also receive the full library of mindfulness meditation audios that accompany the workshop.

Own The Entire Brain Summit Event For The One Week Only Sale Price.

Grab The Special Sale Price

You’re Protected By Our No Questions Asked 30 Day Full Guarantee

100% Full Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to building a community of thrilled customers. We love the expert training in Brain Summit, and we know you will too! If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked. Guaranteed.


Erin Matlock is a social entrepreneur, mental health advocate, TEDx speaker and popular blogger. Intimately familiar with the mental, physical and emotional challenges of the community she serves, Erin actively engages a following of 200,000 people each month. She also serves as an advisor and consultant to corporations, non-profits and individuals in the mental health and brain health markets. When not attached to her laptop, you’ll find her deep in the mountains of Arizona.


[PLEASE NOTE:] The host and guest experts at Brain Summit do not dispense medical or legal advice, treatment or diagnosis. The sessions, products and information here are educational only and are in no way a substitution for licensed medical or legal advice. Please consult with your physician for proper care and supervision.